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Money = Happiness??? Not Really


    Cheryl Tweedy marries England defender, Ashley Cole on 17th August 2006
    They make a lovely couple, don't they? I wonder if this relationship are just based on money?
    But I think NOT!! They are so so cute together..they must love each other so much
    But I do think, some of Ashley's money power does do the trick to attract Cheryl's love!!

I read this in yahoo recently and find these .... very true actually

    Count Your Blessings -- and Your Money by Suze Orman

Monday, July 31, 2006
I'd be the last person to tell you that money can buy happiness, but I'm fascinated by recent reports insisting that money isn't a major factor in whether or not people are happy.


Positive psychology (that's what academicians call the study of human happiness) is a hot field of research, and the folks at the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with an interesting questionnaire that's been getting a lot of press.

Yet nowhere in the 24-question Authentic Happiness Inventory does the issue of money -- or, more important, our desire for financial security -- merit a mention. Hmm.

A Conspicuous Omission

Given how expensive our lives are, how can money not be a factor? We have huge mortgages and tapped-out home equity lines of credit weighing on us. College tuition bills have never been more daunting. Our employers are less likely to give us a defined benefit pension, so the onus is on us -- and our 401(k)s -- to figure out how we'll be able to afford retirement. If we're lucky enough to get health insurance through our employer, the trend is for each of us to be responsible for a greater portion of the bill.

I would love to live in a world where authentic happiness was achievable solely from the richness of relationships, but I'm a realist. And the reality I see -- and that so many of you write to me about -- is one in which money plays into our ability to be truly happy.

Yes, I've heard about the study of lottery winners that showed they were not relatively happier than those who hadn't won the lottery, and the one reporting that folks on the Forbes 100 list (the wealthiest people alive) weren't much happier than the average American.

Those studies show that being filthy rich doesn't ensure happiness, but that's not something most of us have to contend with.

I'm talking about how your happiness is affected when you're worried about how you'll pay the bills at the end of the month, save for the future, and be able to afford to retire. In other words, how you'll make ends meet. When those worries are your reality, I think it's ridiculously hard to be authentically happy.

Happiness Is Income-Sensitive

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so. A survey conducted earlier this year by the Pew Research Center reports that, overall, just 34 percent of respondents are very happy.

But when you start to slice the findings by income, it gets very interesting: 49 percent of respondents with an annual family income above $100,000 say they are very happy. When income falls between $75,000 and $100,000, the very-happy contingent falls to 38 percent. Just 24 percent of those with incomes below $30,000 said they were very happy.

I want to be quite clear: I'm in no way saying that money is all that matters. But I'm so tired of how scared everyone is to admit that money does in fact make a difference in the quality of our lives.

A Family Affair

Most of you would probably say that what makes you truly happy is your family and the love you share in your relationships, and I couldn't agree more. But money comes into play in those relationships, too.

When I talk about money this way to a group, invariably someone comes up to me afterward and give me a "tsk, tsk" look and says, "Suze, you are so wrong. Money isn't the key to life, this is!" At which point their wallet flies open and they show me a photo of their family.

That's when things get interesting, because I start asking them questions: Did you take that photo with your own camera? It looks like a beautiful beach; was the photo taken on a family vacation? Are those braces I see on the two teenagers? Do you hope to help those beautiful kids go to college?

As their heads bob in successive "yes" nods, I ask them how they provide all of that for their family. That's when they understand that I had it right

Richer, But Not Happier

At the risk of repeating myself, I totally agree that family and friends are vital to our well being; without meaningful relationships, there's no chance of ever being truly, authentically happy. That's why, every Saturday night, I end my CNBC show with the following words: "People first. Then money. Then things."

But money does have a place at the table. If you don't have money to buy things, you're going to be very frustrated. It's just that simple.

How we handle the money we have also plays into our happiness. The Pew survey points out that over the past few decades, the percentage of Americans who say they're happy hasn't changed much (it hovers at around one-third of the population), while at the same time the average per capita income has doubled in inflation-adjusted dollars. So we have more money, but we're not much happier on average.

A paradox? Far from it. My sense is that we while we're making more money, we aren't making more of the money we make. We have a ton of debt, and we have to worry about saving for retirement in a way that our parents and grandparents never did. And as many of you know, it's really hard to boost your happiness quotient when you've got a lot of money worries.

***photos taken from Hello Magazine UK

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I am definitely worth it!

Hi Blog!!

I am definitely happy again today..I am being myself today...feel so happy because at least I can be what I can be

bangun pagi tadi hantar hubby pastu I feel very efficient so pagi ni:-

- kemas dapur - puas hati!
- vacuum dapur - carpet, dining room & living room..
- desclace the kettle - ops nak kena check..lupa!
- pastu basuh baju - jemur baju - jaket hubby pun dah kering - kena jemur jap lagi
- i feel so so happy....really happy, really happy, really happy
- masuk keje, buat time recording... banyaknye nak kena buat matters... takpe slow2
- betulkan address dlm menu - my mobile and all

the weather is sunny and it feels great!! okla lapar! nak mandi pastu nak lunch - chicken nyum! nyum!
ok c ya later, alligator

Tuesday, 11-Jul-2006 12:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
You should be happy

hari ni buat apa?

buat apa lagi, pagi keluar....jalan sorang2...pastu lunch kat pizza hut sorang2....
what am I doing? I should be at home...doing my work ....kemas rumah...dah ada rumah lawa...tak reti nak jaga...what r u doing? you should be thankful for lazy should try to make yourself attractive and have everything...what more do you want? what more do you want? look at should be proud of yourself...

    Jalan pernah takut ku tinggalkan

    Saat bintang tak mampu lagi berdendang

    Saat malam menjadi terlalu dingin

    Hingga pagi tak seindah biasanya

    Takkan mungkin kita bertahan

    Hidup dalam bersendirian

    Panas terit hujan badai

    Kita lalui bersama

    Saat hilang arah tujuan

    Kau tahu ke mana berjalan

    Meski terang meski gelap

    Kita lalui bersama

    Ku tak bisa merubah yang telah terjadi

    Tapi aku akan menjanjikan yang terbaik

    Agar kita tak pernah menjadi jadi

    Meski beza dermaga untuk kita berlabuh

    Pernah kita jatuh

    Mencuba berdiri

    Menahan saki dan menangis

    Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu

    Dan kita mencuba melawan

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New beginning

long black confusion road
Hi ya! just said to myself, that everyday is a new day and every new day is a new beginning

I know it will be!

I just have to be strong to myself....I am just so lucky don;t I?

and I should count my blessings....everything is working as what I want...then, why should I be so upset?

I just don't understand

am I lonely? am I depressed?

    I look at you and I know you're trouble
    I should run just fast as I can
    One smile, game over
    Here in front of you I stand
    I know you're only gonna burst my bubble
    Trouble is my heart don't care
    It's ignoring all the danger signs
    Stop, Slow down, take a deep breath, beware

    I'm not willing to be so fearless, careless, just yet
    Once bitten, twice shy, is what you get

    My hearts got a mind of it's own
    Won't listen to a word I say
    Doesn't it know that I get hurt too
    When it acts that way
    Cos When it breaks I break
    I don't know how much more of this I can take
    Doesn't it know that I get hurt too
    When it acts that way

    Too many times I've witnessed
    My heart make a fool of itself
    So sure it's gonna turn out one way
    Always turns out being somethin' else

    My hearts got a real malfunction
    Always flippin' into over ride
    When I tell it to be sensible
    It over rules my cynical mind

    I'm not willing to be so open, transparent, no not yet
    Once bitten twice shy, is what you get
    (But here in front of you, there's nothin I can do)

    My hearts got a mind of it's own
    Won't listen to a word I say
    Doesn't it know that I get hurt too
    When it acts that way
    Cos When it breaks I break
    I don't know how much more of this I can take
    Doesn't it know that I get hurt too
    When it acts that way

    Stop, slow down, take a deep breath
    Think about what I'm doin'
    Think about once bitten, twice shy
    Stop, slow down, take a second
    Before you rush right in
    It's gonna be my tears you cry


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